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Discover the cassava process

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 5 US dollars
  • Departure from the reception

Service Description

Discover how the women of the village of Hamunyepo make nsima (cassava flour), which is the most popular local dish here. From the field to the plate, you'll follow every step of the process : Step 1 : at the field, the women show you what a cassava plant looks like. They dig the plant to reap the roots. Step 2 : After peeling the roots, the cassava soaks in water for 24 to 72 hours. Then, split the root to remove the core. Step 3 : Cut into pieces of 3X3cm. Let dry in the sun for 2 days (3 to 4 days during rain). Step 4 : Place the pieces of cassava into a mortar. Step 5 : Pound the pieces until you get a powder. Step 6 : Pass the result through a sieve. Pound the bigger pieces again as needed. Step 7 : During that time, put water to boil. For a cup of flour, you need a cup of water. Step 8 : Put the powder into the water and mix everything until you get a kind of pasta. Step 9 : It's ready to be eaten! Side the nsima with vegetables and fish. About the women of the Hamunyepo village : The women of this village decided to create "Home bank", an association created in 1999. The main aim is to support financially the village, orphans and children. Every Monday, they gather to dance, to discuss the problems of daily life and to play Bao, a local game. They have a 100 kwatcha fee to belong to the community group. Every week, one woman of the group cooks for Chilumba community hospital. They also make meals for funerals and give materials to grieving people Price : From 1 person to 10 people : $5 pp

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