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Vinthukutu Forest

  • 3 hours
  • From $7.00 pp
  • Departure from the reception

Service Description

Discover the Vinthukutu forest, a 2083 ha forest close to the lodge (about 8 km, along the M1). We drop you at the forest with a guide and come pick you up at the end of your walk with the lodge car. About the Vinthukutu forest : The forest was established in 1948 and is owed by the gouvernment. You can walk hours among flowers, mushrooms, animals and trees (there are hundreds of tree species in the reserve). It is part of a canoe-tree harvesting control system, protection of water catchment areas but also the preservation of endangered trees. Unfortunately, this forest is the prey of poachers. They enter the reserve without impunity to cut trees, to transform them into boards or charcoal (inside the reserve). You may be inclined to break some "oven" (in which the poachers make illegal charccoal) and chase a few of them with your guide during your walk. You could enter and enjoy the forest without a guide, but the huge reserve is a maze when you don't pay attention and you could easily get lost. The best period to see the flowers blooming is in January - February. There are different ways to discover the forest. For the bravest of you, the walk can last all day, and for sport enthusiasts, cycling is the best way (note that you need a mountain bike to ride on the steep paths). For those who prefer to walk when it is cooler, night walks can also be organized. To know more the forest, the trees, the poachers, and others, don't hesitate to ask for a guide. Prices For 1 person : $50 pp For 2 people : $30 pp For 3 people : $17 pp For 4 people : $13 pp For 5 people : $10 pp For 6 people : $8.5 pp For 7 people : $7 pp For 8 people : $7 pp For 9 people : $7 pp For 10 people : $7 pp

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