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Visit of Luromo Primary School

  • 1 hour
  • 5 US dollars
  • Departure from the reception

Service Description

The Luromo Primay School is in the Village of Mwandovi, in Chilumba, not far from the lodge. Details of the visit : First, you arrive at the school and are welcomed by the deputy headmaster or the headmaster. They show you the different buildings of the school : the classrooms, the toilets, the administration office. During the visit, they explain you the history of the place, introduce you to the staff, and answer your questions. Then, you follow a lesson taught by a teacher to his/her students. You can observe the conditions in which the students have to study : on the floor, often without any textbook or paper. You can wait untill the break to meet all the children, who would be very happy to see you in their school. The activity lasts about one hour and is in the morning. The visit is really interesting for people working in the education sector. About the education in Malawi : The public primary school in Malawi is completely free, private school is not. Even tough the fees are not very high, a lot of family can't afford them. School is mandatory until 12 years old. There are 8 grades in primary, and 4 in secondary, which is not free. There are colleges and universities in Malawi, but not a lot of family can afford to pay for the further education of their children. About the school : The school was established in 1933, but there was only one building at that time. As the years passed, more of them were added. There are now several buildings, but not enough. Indeed, at least two of the classes are learning outside. When it is raining, they need to walk to a church to have their lessons there. There are about 580 students for only 12 teachers. The school faces many problems and challenges : 1) The lack of school supplies : paper, pencils, desks, chairs, textbooks,... 2) The lack of electricity : when the sky is cloudy, it is pretty dark inside the classrooms and it becomes difficult to read on the blackboards. 3) Absenteeism : lots of children don't go to school every day, due to several things. 4) Hunger : without eating in the morning, the children are not concentrated enough to learn correctly. 5) Lack of room : when a teacher can't come to work, another takes her/his student, so the classroom gets too small for all the students. More generally, some students learn outside, so there isn't enough classrooms. Due to all the challenges, any help (not only money but also supplies) is always appreciated. Price : $5 pp

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