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Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve

A 3 days trip from the lodge to enjoy the wildlife

  • 72 hours
  • From 320 $ pp
  • Depar'ture from the reception

Service Description

Vwaza March Wildlife Reserve is a small reserve located in Rumphi District, around 4 hours by car from the Lodge. You will sleep at the camp, under small huts or in your own tent, based in front of Kazuni Lake. The reserve is famous for the hippos in the lake but also for the elephants passing almost every day near the camp to bath or drink. Plenty baboons and vervets are also moving around. Sometimes it is possible to see a white baboon. Different possibilities for this color but it seems that the most probable is the species of baboon : the Kinda baboon. In case of an adult white baboon, the most probable cause is albinis or melanism, two genetic disorders without any other consequence than the color. During the night, you can observe the spectacular sky with the Milky Way that is clearly visible. During a game ride it is common to meet a herd of buffaloes, and many different antelopes. During a walk , you'll observe the hippos and plenty of different birds in the water or on the sides of the lake. Details of the trip : Day 1 : Departure from the lodge around 9:00am. Lunch in Rumphi in a local restaurant For diner, we purchase a lunch packet with sandwiches. Day 2 : Wake up with coffee or tea Walk along the lake at 6:00am for 2 to 3 hours. Breakfast : sandwiches with a choice of homemade jams or honey or eggs Lunch : chicken stew with rice, cooked by the local chef Game drive in the reserve at 3:30 pm for 2 to 3 hours Dinner : sandwiches with different sides prepared by our chef at La Rondavelle Camp fire. Day 3 : Breakfast : sandwiches with a choice of homemade jams, honey or eggs Departure at 10:00am Lunch in Rumphi in a local restaurant Back to La Rondavelle around 5:00pm The drinks are not included. Order them at the reception the day before departure so they will be cold and stay cold during your trip. Prices : For 1 person : $1280 For 2 people : $640 pp For 3 people : $426.67 pp For 4 people : $320 pp

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